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A small brewer that does a big job.

By July 10, 2014October 22nd, 2017Uncategorized

If you want to get biology up and running on your growing system, it’s recommended to spray aerobic compost tea, activated extract or extract at 10-20 gal/acre.  BUT if all you have is a 5 gall brewer and 1/4 acre, you can make magic happen real quick.  Otherwise 5 gal/acre annually to maintain biology should be sufficient depending on the abiotic factors (wind, rainfall, altitude…) of your growing location.

The above brew system is ideal for the 90 degree angle at the bottom of the bucket.

I think the brewer design could be improved using a 5 gallon water jug turned upside down. Cut off the top (what was the bottom) Then you have yourself a cone tank.  The handle could be a punk to clean though so get one w/o.  Rig up with your own pump sized at 0.08 cfm/gal H20.  That would be a 0.4 cfm needed to move the water appropriately.  The air will come up through bottom spout.  I think this will be very easy to clean. No pipes, no wires, just air and tea.

Also, a 2H power jacuzzi pump moves 250 gal of H20 very nicely.

Be sure that any 90 degree angles in the brew tank should have air directed towards them.

Don’t forget:  The tea brew is dependent on the quality of the compost you start with.  If you are having to add large amounts of food then the compost quality should be attended to.

  • Where is the biofilm?  If there isn’t any then around the top of your brewer, quality of compost should be assessed as well as the air movement through the tank.
    Cool centipede found on the trail of the AT.

    Cool centipede found on the trail of the AT.



Thanks Loida Vasques.