Haviland Earth Regeneration is a soil building company

We direct our energy ​to accomplish three main goals:

building fertile soil as quickly as possible
growing food that is medicine
training others to do this for themselves

Humans have the reputation for ​eroding​ ​soil​ ​and it's time to turn this reputation on its heels.
With the knowledge and tools available to us at this time​,
humans can be known for building soil by the end of the decade.

There is work to be done. Let's build some soil!

Molly C. Haviland
Certified Soil Life Consultant
Expert Soil Builder

holding dirt Haviland Earth Regeneration


 We offer biological analysis on soil and soil products. Consultation,​ ​beginning and advanced ​courses, workshops and lectures ​are ​tailored ​to your groups needs.

Molly Haviland Earth Regeneration


Attend a lecture, workshop or course to build your soils


A sneak peak into what HER offers the soil building community.